Farewell Message

Hey Team Sly:

Effective October 8, I’ll be moving to a ramp up program within the Sutter LOBs.  Being relatively new and is still on its on–boarding phase, the program requires seasoned and high-performing managers to ensure a successful ramp and sustained performance.  The decision is strategic, practical and efficient on an operational, financial and business standpoint; moreover, it’s a good career opportunity on my end and I’m looking forward to be a significant part of its successes and milestones.

Let me thank ya’ll for your hard work, commitment and dedication in making our program an all green smooth sailing program month per month.  Barely 3 months since we started in July 2012, we’ve been exceeding our program performance goals and our team, has indisputably dominated the performance scoreboards.  I take pride working with the Best of the Best and I am confident that you will put the program to greater heights.

It was a pleasure and an honour working with all of you; both active and alumni, and I hope our paths will cross someday.  You can still count on me to help you with your work-related concerns even if I’m not your FLS anymore.  I’ll probably just be a Bay away; so please, don’t be a stranger.

All the Best,



BE MY GUESS (2nd Edition)

By Cuzzpher

I’m back. We left few people untouched by this guessing game because of time constraint. Well, we will see to it that the spotlight will focus on their funny personalities with a little touch of friendly sarcasm.  Be forewarned, some paragraph ended up in a serious note. hehe

I’ve heard that one of the subjects of the last edition managed to threaten the writer of this article (yours truly!) I’m afraid.  I am very afraid. Sir, I know that you’re behind the expose of the pork barrel scandal that plagues the whole nation. There’s something with “pork” that you really hate the most.  Who could forget the pork chop incident? You’re also behind Wally’s creamy but disgusting sex video.

I don’t have a sex video and I don’t have a hidden wealth as well but I would try to be nice with you. I’ll try to construct my words beautifully when I am referring to you and your near-perfect masculinity. You’re a Greek god. Hands down.  I rest my case.

Going back, here are the people of Bing.  Play the guessing game with fun.  Laugh your heart out because I’m thinking nothing but fun…..


Actually, we have two of them from the north. But this space is specifically designated to the smaller one.  Less hunky but more handsome.(Notice:  the latter adjective is referring to his ‘car’). If you’re going to talk to him, two subjects will always be the main courses, “basketball and movies”. Lately though he’s venturing into sex scandal stuff.  He seldom talks but he always has a memorable one-liner in store for us. One-liner that could surprisingly send us laughing our heads off…Do you know that he has a Chinese blood? Upon looking at him, you wouldn’t notice but the way he understands the monetary value of his salary—well, it’s very Chinese.


Yes, she can be effortlessly funny and her sarcasm is often spot on. Through her, I understand how few bottles of Red Horse can affect our senses (or sometimes our judgment). Please pay attention, this is educational.  Here are the effects:

  1. Poor Vision – She claimed that the person sitting right in front of her becoming more stunning and gorgeous. My eyes darted across the room following her eyes.  To my amazement, nothing of that sort found. Beauty is subjective just I thought, and with liquor running in your veins, it becomes more subjective and your eyes become blurry.
  2. Increases paranoia- raising her blouse (cleavage line) several times because she’s afraid that the same guy (from the 1st) would peak on her natural gift. In fairness, the guy was busy devouring every viand that reached his plate and every other food within his perimeter. It seemed that peaking had never crossed his mind.
  3. Euphoria – the infectious laugh and the loudness of her voice, weren’t that obvious??? Hehehe
  4. Increases the level of generosity – Few of us knew that the extra cost of our entertainment, she paid it in full..She treated us pizza on the next few days but of course, few bottles of RH has nothing to do with it.



I’m not talking about the international company of slimming centre but this partnership business of two young women promises to juggle both jobs as tech support and business managers. For free time, they usually go around and encourage potential customers. They will turn their little investment into a money-making machine. Both members of an established direct selling business, sooner they will sit beside you and offer some goodies that they’re selling.  If they would become aggressive, you may call the ETHICS committee or as suggested by their guy friend, tell them about the sando bra being sold in teen section of mall’s department store.


B1 and B2 (not the bananas in pyjamas)

Once upon a time in a far away station, far from the Bing station where most of the Bing agents populated the area, two B’s were almost best of friends.  They had this chemistry that no one could ever understand. The guy is known to be silent but deadly. Yes deadly. Be sure to lock your station or secure your password or never ever try to time stamp on his station.  The girl is pretty much reserved.  Sometime she’s a willing victim of the guy’s full display of ingenious prank.  In every end of a joke or slight misunderstanding, they would remain friends. But then suddenly, they both stopped talking.  It’s a good thing that they found their places among us but the sad part is, they left an empty place in their hearts where friendship once filled that void. We may not know the reasons why this misunderstanding happened in the first place but at least, we know that there are reasons for them to throw away their differences and rekindle their friendship. Reasons that even pride can never know.  It’s up to them to find out when the right time comes.


THE LAST WAVE of 2 BECOME 1 AGAIN (as friends of course)

We’re going to talk about two friends who had a misunderstanding before and then finally became friends again.  Actually, both are guys but the other one is simply a guy with a woman’s heart. Their friendship started to become sour when a joke was treated like a serious gossip. I’m not going to elaborate the details any further because it’s no longer important.  They both settled their differences and now they’re friends again.

The shorter guy is still searching for his lovely shrimp. I am not referring to “shrimp” as what you might be thinking right now. I’m just trying to suggest that “shrimp” could be his term of endearment in the future, not for a shrimp lady that he’ll meet but rather a true lady of his taste and standard.  It could be the ladies from MRT that he usually bumps around.  When I say ‘bump”, I meant it.


Well, the other guy with a woman’s heart has special someone in his life.  Their love produces pussies with paws and claws. He’s into dieting and vows not to eat rice frequently. He’s losing weight gradually but he maintains the curve.hehehe.



Remember the guy who bought pricey guitar to cure his melancholy amidst heartbreak? Well, he died.  End of story.

I mean his loneliness died of natural death. They’re back at each other’s arms. They did it with no sex videos, cream pies or whatsoever…. Hats off to you and your partner.



You would always hear him speak about women in varying degree of disgust and bitterness. He has relationships week after week after week, relationships that are short-lived and with expiration date similar to perishable goods. As of this moment (7:22pm Manila Time), he’s single and vows to remain single as long as he wants to.  He has lot of things to say, mostly grievances that made his life inconvenient and intolerable.

He sometimes raises his voice and spits out some cursing words indiscriminately. The target of his wrath, this time, is the IT people.  His messed up computer is enough channeling the incredible hulk in him.

Stupid customers he handles can turn his station into a battlefield, his keyboard and mouse into weaponry. You could hear the heaviness of his fingers hitting the alpha-numeric keys. The droplets of his saliva sprinkling right on the monitor.  He’s the true warrior from medieval ages.


I apologize for not honoring my words. I ended up swallowing it.  Who can resist avoiding the multi-faceted personality of this man of different specie? Hehe… I’m done.  He’s always the last person in my article.  Actually, he managed to be on the alpha and omega of this article.  It’s an extraordinary feat solely belongs to the man of superior kind (cough! cough!).

The Thin Line

totoy brown02

By Lunatic Hazel Bee

A friend once asked me if I knew who “Totoy Brown” is.  A bunch of question marks floated above my head. Well, not literally though. Why? Because I don’t have the slightest idea who the guy was until “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” featured him in the TV magazine program last Sunday (August 25).

“Totoy Brown” is one of the latest sensations in the social networking world today. His picture was taken by a fellow gamer while playing DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) in a computer shop and confessed editing the image and uploading it on Facebook. The netizens had mixed reactions about the boy. Nevertheless, this made him an instant celebrity overnight.

Ric delos Santos, aka Totoy Brown, is now an 18-year-old tricycle driver in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija. He admits being surprised learning that his picture, a then 12-year-old boy, has been played with and pasted to faces of different celebrities, famous icons and personalities like Coco Martin, Lebron James, Monalisa, One Direction and President NoyNoy Aquino to name a few. Some captions are also inserted to create a new meaning or story to the picture with either a satiric or “simply-to-have-fun” intent. These kinds of images are popularly known as Memes.

totoy brown01Ric is the second of four children in the family. Not very well off, he started working as a rice farmer at an early age to make both ends meet and playing DOTA is his outlet to skip a hard life in the province. He didn’t expect though that this little side trip will become his gateway to popularity. Or not.

Thanks to his real life nickname, brown hair color and complexion, Ric earned his cyber identity as Totoy Brown. When asked of his reaction about this newfound fame out of making fun and scrutiny, he told the program that he felt like cyber bullied by the people responsible in creating his memes and sharing it online. There was also a time that some people recognized and called him ugly to his face. Although Ric felt humiliated, he accepted those words wholeheartedly. But human as he is, he also asked for some respect. He said these in a very calm voice and with a smile on his face, if I may add.


totoy brown00Watching Ric’s story made me ask myself: Where do you draw the line between having fun and bullying someone? How can the society tolerate such a rather disturbing behavior against a helpless person and consider it fun? Bullying is everywhere and a lot of lives have been wasted because of this if you know what I mean.

Ric’s happy disposition in life saved him from ending up like the other cyber bullied kids that were in the news recently. He embraced every hurtful joke that were thrown against him and chose to understand the people spreading his memes instead of fighting back. He even thanked them in one of his Youtube videos and appeals to everyone to support his Fan Page in Facebook. This unparalleled courage and determination to become a better person over his detractors made me respect him even more as a human and looked at him as a very beautiful person inside and out.

To watch the full interview, please go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7WwkVtBl-0

Happy Birthday Jen!

By SLy

August 22, Jen’s Birthday!  By far, Jen’s the undisputed MVP of our program having received 4 Best Support Professional of the Month Award in a span of 6 months in 2013.  Her numbers speak for itself.  Her exemplary consistent performance can be attributed to her intelligence, hard work and writing style.  She’s quick to pick up on updates, renders the most number of OTs every month and writes very fluently.   The way she conducts herself in and out of office radiates with confidence and self-esteem yet modest and humble in her dealings with others.

Jen is quick to think but slow to act – open minded yet ensures that things are seen through thoroughly – traits I consider of a good leader.   Her subtle charisma and positive personality draw others to her.   Once you’re in her inner circle of friends, expect the she’ll be faithful and devoted.  Hiring Jen to be part of my Team was one of the best decisions I made for the program.

Happy Birthday Jen!