Team Lunch @ Bob’s Grill in Starmall

By Art

March 26, 2013 is the date when Team Sly went out to have lunch together.  What’s the occasion? The answer is, Team Sly’s the Best Team, a reason to celebrate.  It was 10 am when the team went to Starmall. Initially the plan was to eat at Mang Inasal, but instead, the Team decided to eat at Bob’s Bar and Grill which is located just in front of Mang Inasal. We took pictures of ourselves inside the restaurant and in front of a large mouth-watering Red Ribbon Dark Chocolate Cake.  Everyone was happy, although some team members were not able to go the venue.

Let’s talk about the venue.  It’s a great venue, food is really cheap.  With P110, it’s all you can eat. Food is great. The taste of the food is just right for our taste buds. There’s a lot of variety to choose from, from the main course to dessert. They serve local and some foreign inspired food as well. Although the place is quite small, there is a Flat Screen TV mounted onto the wall for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  The boys watched NBA while eating. Everyone had their bite of the Dark Chocolate Red Ribbon cake.  This is the date that can’t be forgotten since Team Sly got the Best Team Award.

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